"Lock It In” - The 2nd Annual Marist Hockey Senior Club Awards Night is confirmed for Friday Evening 31st August 2018 at Sixty6 On Peterborough, Christchurch Casino. Not to be missed, a night of celebrating the 2018 Senior teams and individual player, coach and supporter achievements. Put it in your diary, more detail to follow in the coming weeks.



Over the next few weeks Marist Hockey will be running a bacon fundraiser. It is a major fundraiser this season and will provide valuable funds so that the club can continue to drive improvement in both quality of coaching and player development. All players will be given an order form at training this week, and it would be great if each player could please sell as much as possible. The produce is 400g packs of Hellers middle eye manuka smoked bacon. This is a quality product and very easy to sell.

Pricing will be as follows: 3 pks for $21 So can everyone make a big effort in the next two weeks to sell as much bacon as possible.Last year we sold 2,000 packs and we are aiming for the same again this year. Your team manager will be giving you order forms this week. HAPPY SELLING

Marist Hockey Junior Club - Holiday Skills Programme


This holiday skills programme will be planned by George Connell, and run by supporting coaches. This pre-season programme is designed to follow on from basic skills and to advance our players technical skills through a series of practical skills and game based training sessions.

The programme  will run in the 1st week of school holidays and will be split into grades to accommodate both 11 Aside and 6 Aside players.


Monday     9th July      Kwik Sticks (Year 7 & 8)         9am - 2pm

Focus on developing player’s knowledge and skill level moving into and/playing 11 aside hockey

Importance of basic skill level and game play understanding


Tuesday     10th July    Kiwi Sticks (Year 5 & 6)        9am - 2pm

Wednesday    11th July     Mini Sticks (Year 3 & 4)     9am - 12 noon

Developing basic skills in the modern game of hockey, understanding game structure and how to play as a team.

Please note: these sessions may be run on the same day (turf split in half) depending on registrations 


Players will be required to bring full hockey gear, warm clothing in the event of bad weather along with snacks for morning tea and lunch.  Players will be supervised at the turf for the entire day by Marist coaches.

Our goal is to increase our player’s technical skills and to challenge them to have the best skills of any club in Christchurch.

Due to turf space, each session is limited to 40 players


To secure your place please email advising grade session you will be attending

Cost $40 per session for Kiwi and Kwik Sticks, $30 per session for Mini Sticks.

Payment to Marist Hockey Club: 06 0583 0357916 00 prior to sessions, with players name as reference

All players must be registered by 4pm Saturday 25th June


  • If anyone has junior hockey sticks they needed longer require, can you please donate these to the club. Sticks will be used in our feeder schools to promote hockey, thank you.















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Did you know that “boil and bite” type mouthguards bought over the counter offer only slightly more protection than NO mouthguard at all?

Custom made mouthguards provide superior protection against not only dental injuries but also concussions.

Not only do they fit well and not fall out, but players can breathe and speak easily when they wear them. You won’t see players chewing on them and fiddling with them out of their mouths!!

Duxton Dental are offering superb deals for custom made mouthguards to Marist hockey players.

These come in a variety of colours – green and black multicoloured/red and black multicoloured and plain colours clear, green, red, blue.

All custom-made mouthguards are $75.

Please text Hayley Hall 021553245 if you are interested




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