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Congratulations to all our players on a successful season. Marist finished high in all divisions and you should all be proud of your own and your team’s achievements. Enjoy your summer sport and we look forward to welcoming you back to the junior club next year.
Thank you to the managers and coaches who kept everything going throughout the season - you are the backbone of the club and we could not field teams with out you!
And finally congratulations to the award recipients, handed out at Junior Prizegiving on Sunday 26 August:

KwikSticks Boys Green
Most Improved- Ben Baxter
Team Player - Liam O’Reilly

KwikSticks Boys White
Most Improved – Sam Gormack
Team Player – James Burt

KwikSticks Boys Black
Most Improved – Sean Vivian
Team Player - Hugo Smolej

KwikSticks Girls Green
Most Improved – Ava Croton
Team Player – Keeley Hughes
Most Promising – Kaiyah Ratu
Team Contribution – Alissa Tamaki

KwikSticks Girls White
Most Improved – Isabella Sharp
Team Player - Amelia Kauder

KwikSticks Girls Black
Most Improved – Mia Grieve
Team Player – Ruby Watson

KwikSticks Girls Red
Most Improved – Amelia Picken
Team Player – Dana Wardle

KwikSticks Girls Blue
Most Improved – Katie Emms
Team Player – Hannah Drury


KiwiSticks Invaders
Most Improved – Noah Goodfellow
Team Player – Joshue Roughan

KiwiSticks Attackers
Most Improved – Christian Clark
Team Player – Thomas O’Brien

KiwiSticks Gold
Most Improved – Annabel Allan
Team Player – Molly Maynard

KiwiSticks Silver
Most Improved – Isabella Donaldson
Team Player – Millie Spear

KiwiSticks Bronze
Most Improved – Lexi Parkyn
Team Player – Olivia Donaldson

KiwiSticks Purple
Most Improved – Isabella Vaiese
Team Player –Kate Burdes

KiwiSticks Indigo
Most Improved – Isabelle Galbraith
Team Player – Gemma Strick

KiwiSticks Violet
Most Improved – Oriana Pasene-Hansen
Team Player – Sophie McSweeney

KiwiSticks Ivory
Most Improved – Mikayla Monteba
Team Player – Matilda Maynard

KiwiSticks Orange
Most Improved – Emily Henderson
Team Player – Madison Sollitt

KiwiSticks Yellow
Most Improved – Meg Thyne
Team Player – Amelia Bayliss

MiniSticks Gorillas
Most Improved – Xavier Eveleigh
Team Player – Bryce Tizzard

MiniSticks Monkeys
Most Improved – Oliver Chum
Team Player – Benjamin O’Brien

MiniSticks Kowhai
Most Improved – Francesca Burkett
Team Player – Meia Tangiiti

MiniSticks Totara
Most Improved – Morgan Dick
Team Player – Scarlett Latimer

MiniSticks Rata
Most Improved – Aria McKay
Team Player – Nicole Pirnea

MiniSticks Kauri
Most Improved – Medi de Roo
Team Player – Sophie Snell

MiniSticks Kawakawa
Most Improved – Harriet Geare
Team Player – Lucy Collier

MiniSticks Rimu
Most Improved – Phoebe Aitchison
Team Player – Nika Ashworth



"Lock It In” - The 2nd Annual Marist Hockey Senior Club Awards Night is confirmed for Friday Evening 31st August 2018 at Sixty6 On Peterborough, Christchurch Casino. Not to be missed, a night of celebrating the 2018 Senior teams and individual player, coach and supporter achievements. Put it in your diary, more detail to follow in the coming weeks.


Other News:

Junior club: Please return any uniforms and Player of the Day trophies to your managers for the end of season gear check

Hockey Sticks: If anyone has junior hockey sticks they needed longer require, can you please donate these to the club. Sticks will be used in our feeder schools to promote hockey, thank you.
















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