2017 Kiwi Sticks Girls Teams




Gold Team


Kaiyah Ratu

Kaia Turner

Isla Martin-McKenzie

Beth O’Donovan

Kate Henderson (GK)

Katie Cowan

Beth Heywood

Jayla Agnew


Coach:     Emily Baker & Meg James

Manager:  Ruth O’Donovan

Training:   Tuesday 4.30-5.30


  Silver Team


Maggie McGoldrick

Niamh Irving

Catherine Grant

Poppy Mason

Eve Nimmo

Grace Henderson

Gaby Sutherland

Amy Jones


Coach:    Jess Simmons & Grace Murdoch

Manager:  Kelly Irving

Training:  Tuesday 4.30-5.30


Bronze Team


Ana Wallace

Genevieve Christian

Holly Earl

Eden Nuttall

Matilda Osborne

Gaby McKey

Charlotte Timbs

Anna Wyn-Harris

Tanner Bartram


Coach:    Jess Gunn & Niamph Kilpatrick

Manager: Richard Osborne

Training:  Tuesday 4.30-5.30



 Purple Team


Neave Graham

Emma Beswick

Freya Perett

Helena Scanlan

Kate Burdes

Isabella McCormick

Ella Wall

Tanisha Tritt


Coach:     Brian Perrett

Manager:   Andrea Wall

Training:   Tuesday 4.30-5.30

Indigo Team


Florencia North

Ruby Pinfold

Sophie McSweeney

Oriana Pasene-Hansen

Katie Emms

Kiera Fulford

Sarah Vogt

Charlotte Beere


Coach:      Kate Bamford

Manager:  Carol McSweeney

Training:   Tuesday 4.30-5.30




Ivory Team


Hannah Drury

Gabrielle Thwaites

Ellah Galland

Oliana Hesp

Tara Bishop

Kaiying Yee


Coach:      Alex Lynch & Katie Baxter

Manager:   Becky Galland

Training:   Tuesday 4.30-5.30




Violet Team


Gemma Strick

Caitlin Strick

Isabella Galbraith

Lucy Rosenberg

Keela Connolly

Abbie Ellis

Emily Ritchie

Isabella Vaiese


Coach:     Claire Bamford & Lucy Seaford

Manager:   Vasliki Vaiese & Nicole Ritchie

Training:     Tuesday 4.30-5.30





Blue Team


Georgia Crowther

Margo Dalling

Cerys Jones

Summer Karras

Piper Karras

Molly Maynard

Lydia Murray

Bianca Skilton-Woods

Lily Sherwood


Coach:  Soames Crowther

Manager: Maria Woods

Training:  Tuesday 4.30-5.30




Orange Team


Annabel Allen

Grace Armstrong

Tahlia Jones

Iris Leslie

Molly McMenamin

Lexi Parkyn

Petra Eversleigh

Mereana Morgan

Matilda Cox


Coach:  Lisa & Kaitlin Armstrong

Manager:  Lisa Armstrong

Training:  Tuesday 4.30-5.30






All correspondence regarding Kiwi Sticks Girls is to be directed to:

2017 Grade Coordinators

Year 6 – Jaz Thompson jasmihnthompson@gmail.com

Year 5 – Lisa Armstrong craiglisa.armstrong@xtra.co.nz


Kiwi Sticks

This grade is a transitional one between Mini Sticks & Kwik Sticks.  There are 6 players on the field at any one time with a kitted goal keeper, rolling subs are permitted.

Games are played on artificial surface approximately ½ of a full sized turf.

Games are 2 x 20 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.

Subscriptions - $150.00

Competition dates – 6th May to 26th August 15 week competition (no games 3rd June, 1th July)


Canterbury Hockey Association Kiwi Sticks Grade Description - click here