Kiwi Sticks Grade Yrs 5 and 6
This grade is a transitional one between Mini Sticks & Kwik Sticks.

There are 6 players plus a kitted goalie on the field at any one time. Rolling subs are permitted.

All correspondence regarding Kiwi Sticks is to be directed to:

2024 TEAMS
Lions (Friday Night) Lynx Jaguars Tigers
Kennedie Fairbairn Sabina Amaris Una Austin Evelyn Barr
Elliott Gane Riley Callaghan Chloe Dalton Isabella Biserna
Piper Hodgins Molly Hall Millie Hannan Chloe Craze
Hollie Jackson Lilly Hill Kate Hanrahan Lucy Egden
Milla Jackways Isla Malone Lucy Hanrahan Madison Forrest
Mila Mercer Eva Moriarty Ava Kingston Frankie Hickman
Coaches Rosa Sharlick Gracie Marriott Clara Lee
Maddy Jarquin and Kate Irwin Bella Spencer Charlotte Pluck Kira le Comte
Manager Karen Jackson Lilia Wilson Ella Smith Cara McLoughlin
Training Thursday 4:30 to 5:30pm Coaches Colin Hill and Ella Morrison Mya Sutherland Zoe Walters
Manager Chantel Rosehart Coach Jessica Peters Coaches Kylie Attewell and
Training Monday 4:30 to 5:30pm Managers Myles Landon
Helen Smith and Jane Dixon Manager Kylie Attewell
Training Monday 4:30 to 5:30pm Training Tuesday 3.30 to 4:30pm


Cheetahs Boys
Olivia Van der Merwe Attackers
Ainsley Esser Yanni Armstrong-Marks
Evelyn Carney Theodore Bett
Xanthe Davies Isaac Brewin
Isla Foley Toby Elcock
Addison Livingstone Rhys Johnson
Harriet Smith Angus Mason
Caitlyn Sutherland Lachlan McCormick
Riley Tizzard Ethan Hocken
Coach Cheri Larsen Jarvis Rickerby
Managers Cheri Larsen and George Sutherland
Michelle Livingstone Mauritz Victor
Training Tuesday 4:30 to 5;30pm Daniel Bethel
Coach Debs Mason
Manager Kelly Armstrong
Training Monday 4:30 to 5.30pm