Kwik Sticks 11 Aside Yrs 7 and 8
This is the premier grade in which a high standard of hockey is expected for Primary/Intermediate School Children.

There are 11 players on a field at any one time (including a fully-equipped goal keeper) with rolling subs permitted.
Games are played on a full sized artificial turf.
Games are 2 x 25 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.

Subscriptions $235 ($205 if paid before 31 July 2020)
Competition dates – 27th June

2020 Teams


Green Team

Charlie Gavigan
Kyle Spriggs
Christian Clarke
Thomas O’Brien
Riley Winder
Ashton Fisher
Lincoln Blyth
Noah Bennett
Hugo Van Herel
Kaden Watson
Joshua Roughan
Hugo Bowker
Liam Reeves
Clark Gangon
Alan Hodder

Coach: Justin Watson
Manager: TBA
Training: Thursday 4.30-5.30





Green Team

Lily Young
Petra Eveleigh
Georgia Crowther
Emily Dickey
Grace Armstrong
Millie Spear
Margo Dalling
Lily Sherwood
Aoife Maher
Annabel Allen
Bianca Skilton-Woods
Matilda Cox
Molly Maynard
Isabella Donaldson (GK)

Coach: Josh Murdoch
Manager:  Maria Woods
Training: Monday 4.30-5.30

White Team

Cerys Jones
Lydia Murray
Meg Thyne
Olivia Donaldson
Mereana Morgan
Charlotte Beere
Lexi Parkyn
Helena Scanlan
Sophie McSweeney
Grace Ngariki
Maya Young
Georgetta Haller
Millie Mahendran
Stella Valentine (GK)

Coach: Cathy Baker
Manager: Sue Bagnall/Kelly Haller
Training: Thursday 4.30-5.30

Black Team

Iris Leslie
Tahlia Jones
Harriet Mallia
Lucy Charteris
Kaiya Chamberlain
Addison Pinfold
Ciara Fulford
Millie Brown
Sophie Davis
Ciara Hartland
Issy Parson
Amelia Scott (GK)

Coach: Will Dickey
Manager: Nic Brown
Training: Monday 5.30-6.30

Red Team

Amelia Henstock
Isla Cameron
Gabby Chapman
Georgia Dean
Lily Fahey
Helena Pirnea
Matilda Maynard
Maddison Sollitt
Hayley O’Neill
Hannah O’Sullivan
Trinity McLintock
Beth Ellis (GK)

Coach: Lucy Murray/Piper Smith
Manager: Florina Pirnea
Training:  Monday 4.30-5.30

Blue Team

Amelia Bayliss
Nia De Roo
Penny Van Rij
Jessica Drury
Sophie Renfree
Kaiying Yee
Zoe Crosbie
Zara Johnston
Sophia Winfrey
Emily Ferreira
Stella Stewart                                                                                                                      Isabelle Woods                                                                                                                      Willow Whitfield                                                                                                                   Chloe Ellis

Coach: Rhys Balchin/Lachie Owens
Manager: TBA
Training: Monday 5.30-6.30